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Have questions about Animania? Having registration problems? Are any downloads giving you trouble? Can't seem to login? Have a question about how to use subtitles? You will find various resources where you can find help below.
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Here is a link to our comprehensive FAQ that will help you learn more about the culture of Animania:

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need support on something, please use our contact form.

You may also reach us directly through through e-mail at If it is a simple suggestion or something you want to discuss, simply register and post the idea in our community forums!

We also have an IRC channel. The information for this can be found below.

Animania IRC

Animania has a publicly available Internet Relay Chat channel, so of course, everyone is welcome to come! Drop in to say hi, talk or suggest changes to staff, or chat other anime fans about anything anime (or Animania) related. The network that hosts our channel has a browser-based chat client you can use by clicking this link, entering a nickname for yourself, and pressing connect:

Regulars or frequent visitors to the IRC channel may wish to use a stand-alone client. The info the client will need to connect to our channel is below:

Server: (SSL is available through port 6601)
Channel: #Animania

If you're unfamiliar with IRC clients, the staff recommends mIRC for Windows users, Colloquy for Mac users, X-Chat for Linux users, or the ChatZilla Firefox extension for users of any platform. Walkthroughs for connecting to servers and channels with each client can be found at the websites below, but substitute their server and channels with the information above.

X-Chat: (Note that you will have to make a new network entry to add the server)